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Frontend Development with React

Modern Frontend Development with React

ES6, react, vscode tools and extensions, deployment

This course is not scheduled at the moment. But if you are ready to take the course right now on a one-on-one or grouped arrangement, please go to the home page and fill the inquiry form, stating your preferred arrangement. Thank you.

Modern Frontend Development with React


Single Page Application (SPA) is a style of web application that contains a single HTML page, though it has the illusion of having multiple pages with the built-in routing system. SPAs are loved because they behave like desktop GUI applications by being fast and highly interactive.

React is the most popular javascript framework for building SPAs. While this course assumes some familiarities with HTML and CSS, you don't need to know any javascript. We will build a full-featured eCommerce frontend and deploy it to netlify.

Students' Testimonials

5-star testimonial Dayo Okubanjo
[fullstack development]

I've always been interested in learning full stack web development but always struggled with understanding a lot of the concepts on my own whenever i take online courses; until i enrolled for the Web Application & APIs Development with Python/Django course at Anchorsoft Academy.

Concepts were properly broken down in a way that is very easy for everyone including absolute beginners like myself to understand. It is indeed a great value for money as this program has opened a lot of new opportunities for me.

5-star testimonial Chidinma Molokwu
[fullstack development]

Anchorsoft is a great academy to learn programming. The teachers are highly invested in their classes and ensure to carry everyone along. Even if you are a beginner with no knowledge at all, you will be taught with patience and at your speed(fast or slow).